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HG00 #061 00 Gundam Seven Sword G 1/144
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    HG00 #061 00 Gundam Seven Sword G 1/144

    $26.99 CAD

    Bandai's High Grade Universal Century kit line continues to get better and better and nowhere is this in evidence more than on the latest kit, the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G:


    ■ Molded in color with clear parts and marking stickers.

    ■ As always, plenty of poly-caps are used to ensure a great amount of articulation.

    ■ Weapons include GN Sword II Blaster, GN Buster Sword II (assembles in shield and sword mode), GN Katar, GN Sword II Long (assembles in rifle and sword mode), GN Sword II Short, and GN Beam Saber. That's a lot of firepower!