SW - Millennium Falcon Perfect Grade 1/72

$524.99 CAD

The ultimate plastic model that names the PERFECT GRADE, which reproduced the 1.7-meter shooting model that was used at the time of "Star Wars / Episode 4 New Hope" thoroughly. 

Structures in the wall of the model hole and damage traces are also built up. 
Reproduced in blue with the sub-light engine's issue color matching the digital remaster version. 
Various markings that color the aircraft can also be easily reproduced with a kinus seal. 
You can enjoy the world of high quality Star Wars by aligning with 1/72 scale X wing. 

■ Pilot parts × 6 
■ Dedicated display base × 1 
■ Canopy × 2 types (frame parts × 1, clear parts × 1) 

【Product contents】
■ Molded article × 37 
■ Marking stick × 1 
■ Instruction manual × 1


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