MG Gundam Astray Red Dragon 1/100

$274.99 CAD

"Ores and Red Dragons can do it!"

The ultimate form that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY Astray R,"

Gundam Astray Red Dragon appeared in master grade. Powerful Karetovrufu and flight units,

We reproduce characteristic airframe shape such as dry head by new modeling.

● Completely reproduce Karetovluff, flight unit, and head with new modeling!

  ・ Karetovloff

  Reproduce the powerful Karetovrufu in a new format. Recombination can reproduce S mode and G mode. In addition, it is also possible to operate several Karetov Rufts.

  ・ Flight unit

  Reproduce the back with new modeling. It carries a gimmick that suspends a beam rifle and shield.

  ・ Drag head

  We reproduce characteristic head "Drigg head" by new modeling. Beam effect is reproduced by replacement.

● Water transfer decals with a new design are included.

  We recorded marking for Gundam Astray Red Dragon,

  Includes a newly designed water transfer decal.

● Dedicated display base is included

  It comes with a display base of the MS, a dedicated display base with support parts for supporting the one-handed holding of the Karetovruf S mode and one hand of the Anbidex Truss Halberd.

Armament: Caletovruff / Gerbera Straight / Beam Rifle / Shield

Accessories: Dedicated display base

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