Mr. Procon Boy - WA Platinum (0.3mm) w/ Air Up System PS289

Mr. Hobby
$159.99 CAD

It is the highest grade specification type in Procon BOY series. Equipped with semi-easy soft button, air adjustment system and air up mechanism. Cup volume 10 ml.

Excellent mechanism mounted on platinum type 

■ Air adjustment system From 0 to the maximum, air volume adjustment becomes possible at hand. 

■ Air-up mechanism We arrange air so that we can perform stable work even with low pressure air. 

■ Semi-Easy Soft Button Smoothly encourages the spray of paint to start blowing. 

Set contents 

● 1/8 (S) → conversion joint for PS (thin) 

● Air hose (PS thin · 1 m) 

● Air adjustment valve 

● Dedicated wrench

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